• Wine store quality at a fraction of the price
  • Bottle with friends and meet new winemakers just like you!
  • Always have great wine on hand for every occasion


  • “I have been bottling wine at Quality Wine Cellars for over 5 years. Roger and Lynn have always been very helpful and knowledgeable when helping me decide on a wine. Over the last two years, I started bottling with a group of 10 friends and Roger and Lynn have always very hospitable and patient in what can be a very hectic afternoon.”
    – Stephanie
  • “"I work in the hospitality industry and I'm impressed at how clean everything is at Quality Wine Cellars. I have been making my wine at Quality Wine Cellars for over three years and the wine is always great.”
    – Maggie
  • “"Roger and Lynn always make our wine-bottling an amazing, fun experience for a girls day out. They have cheese and crackers prepared for us, a friendly attitude and helpful energetic staff. Bottling at Quality Wine Cellars is a guaranteed good time.”
    – Tracy, (Happy Customer)
  • “"We have been a customer of Quality Wine Cellars since 1995. We make our wine at Quality Wine Cellars because we continue to receive excellent value when compared to commercial products. The store is very clean, well organized and the staff is exceedingly accommodating.”
    – Gerry & Grace, Abbotsford

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Hi there, and welcome to Quality Wine Cellars. We are in our 21st year of helping wine lovers in our community craft their own wine at a fraction of the cost of commercially produced wines.

Your involvement is minimal.

  • Choose your wine from our list of more than 120 selections.
  • Our helpful staff will prepare the raw materials in a primary container.
  • You pitch in a small package of yeast (a legal requirement).
  • For the next 5-8 weeks (average time period) we will manage the entire process from racking and cleaning through to the final phase, filtration.
  • We advise you in advance when your wine is ready and book you a time.
  • You bottle, cork and apply your personalized labels in less then 45 minutes.

You leave our shop with 30 attractively labeled bottles and with a wine you can feel comfortable serving your family and friends.

Roger and Lynn Doull – Quality Wine Cellars Inc.

Aging Your Wine

The most commonly asked question is: "How long do I have to wait before I can drink my wine?"

The simple answer is: Some wines can be consumed the day you finish bottling, others can take as much as one year from the time you bottle.

Our experienced staff can guide you with respect to the wines you choose.

All  wines at Quality Wine Cellars are corked with a Nomacorc premium cork, the same cork used by many Estate Winery's.

Juice vs Concentrate

The starting format of the raw material we use is made up of a ratio of concentrate to juice. The more concentrate the lighter the wine and the shorter wait period for consumption. We call these our quality table wines.

As the ratio of juice to concentrate increases the end product acquires stronger flavours and finish. These wines represent our full-bodied premium wines. Our Eclipse series of wines have more than 90% juice consistency, including a grape skin pack for the reds,  and produce wines that our customers believe are equivalent to commercially produced wines selling for $30 or more per bottle.

The cost for 30 x 750 ml bottles varies from $123 to $235. That includes personalized labels, corks, shrinks and all taxes.

Come visit us and see how you can hand craft your own wines.

Welcome to LE14 and our 25th
Anniversary of Limited Edition

Five distinguished wines from some of the world’s finest growing regions.

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